Saturday, December 3, 2011

Armchair Gamer Podcast Eight: This Year In Gaming.

On this, the last edition of the Armchair Gamer Podcast this calendar year, we not only eternally condemn ourselves with irreverent humor, we also analyze some of the high points (and low points) of our personal year of gaming, along with games released this year. Also, we talk a little bit about the way our favorite gaming mag, Gameinformer, once was. Warning: Nostalgia abounds. Thanks for listening, and happy holidays.
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First, thanks to everyone who listens to the show. There’s a lot of shows out there, and I’m glad you stop in every once and a while for ours. I hope you have a happy holiday season with friends and family. In case you are wondering, the hectic season and conflicting schedules, along with a noticeable lack of topics this time of year, has led us to deciding to finish making new episodes this year with this episode. This doesn’t mean we got cancelled, though… Starting next month, January, we will pick right back up where we left off, with more of the show, and some new content which I’ll make up some time.

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Listener Feedback:
What was your personal game of 2011, and what news story do you find most important?

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