Saturday, August 11, 2012

Another Video Game Luminary Leaves Us

The video game medium is so young, we are not used to death. Yes, video game creators have died- but it isn't common. That makes every loss even worse. 

According to a report on "The Jace Hall Show" industry figure Paul Steed has passed away. His cause of death is, as of now, unreleased. Paul had a hand in such classics as Quake and Wing Commander. Paul's resume includes positions at EA, Atari, id Software, Microsoft, and many more. In his last years, he established a company called Exigent. 

Like many video game developers, he was a sort of polarizing figure-Paul was fired from id Software after some controversial statements over Quake 3. Despite this, everyone who knew him spoke to his genuine intentions- he wasn't an attention seeker. 

The industry has lost a legend. 

"“The real trick is staying known, staying relevant and staying excited about what you do. Our little ‘game industry that could’ has become the juggernaut that won’t be stopped. Ambition, hard work, perseverance, luck and shameless self-promotion – it’s all part of the deal.”

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