Friday, October 14, 2011

The Armchair Gamer Episode Three: "Picasso" Says The Shadow Gamebeast!

Ladies and gentlemen, the three hosts of the Armchair Gamer Podcast are silly individuals who enjoy just rambling on comicly. We all do. So in this laugh-packed episode, we not only cover a record number of video-game related topics, we also go bat-crap insane. I realize that I have an unseen darknesss in my soul, we discover our own Dan Stamp, and we reminisce about how someone forgot to sign the user agreement. Not only that, but we cover some diverse topics in the games industry today. Join us on this magical ride through space and time itself!

You can listen to the magnificient podcast at this page!

Topics We Discuss and their links:

Team Bondi About Done For:

IPhone 4S Announced:

Valve Gives Us Free Stuff:

Double Fine Makes Every Other Studio Look Like Jerks:

Steve Jobs Death
Some very talented people work marginally hard every week to provide you this service that is the Armchair Gamer. Here are some bloody

Show Plugs

Gamebeast: I write for an indie website called where I write news articles. Also, if you use the twitter you can follow me right here:!/Gamebeast23456

TOGNick: He writes for cash money at a website called go and support the son of a gun. Also, if you use Twitter- don't hesitate to follow him!/TOGNick

Thejourneyman: Sadly, he doesn't get paid to write, or even writes as a hobby.. Sad face. Anyway, you can still follow him on the Twitter machine:!/Thejourneyman66

Some Show Notes:

1) We are still looking for guest hosts to join the madness. If your interested on being on the podcast, please leave a comment on this blog or my profile page.

2) If your interested in making a basic logo for the Armchair Gamer Podcast, I will give you something as a reward. No idea what... Something.

3) We're currently in the process of getting an interview with a guy named Christopher who is a game developer currently working on an indie PC title: Imagine Me. We may have to phone in his performance. If so, cool.

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