Friday, October 21, 2011

The Armchair Gamer Podcast Episode Five: David Cage Is A Poser, Man.

In this episode of the Armchair Gamer Podcast, we discuss Batman Arkham City being freaking awesome, what DC heroes should get a video game makeover, why I don't like David Cage's attitude toward games and the direction that he wants to take our industry, and a lot of other interesting, in-depth conversations about the future of video games.

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Listener Question Of The Week:

This is assuming alot, but if you are listening to this podcast and you want to be associated with it, we have a way for you to do so effectively. It's called the listener question, and I'll try to do one every now and again. Here's this weeks double-parted question:

DC has basically confirmed that a DC-comics based game will be coming out next year. However, at the time of this writing- the exact name is unconfirmed. What DC comics franchise would you like to see ported to a game?
Also, who do you think could replace Mark Hamil as the voice of the Joker?
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