Friday, October 14, 2011

The Armchair Gamer Podcast Episode Four: Superman64- Best Game Of All Time... (And Other Blasphemy)

This week on AGP we have Michael Fox, Nick Schneider, JJ, and myself (Braden Fox) as the hosts. We discuss Batman Arkham City's online pass, Mass Effect 3's online, how we are going to occupy the game industry, my man-crush on Ken Levine, and how awesome Superman64 is.
Also, if you are somehow offended by anything that is said in the podcast, I deeply apologize for whatever...

Listen to the show here:

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Intro: MC Lars "OG Original Gamer"

Outro: Valve Theme


Braden Fox (Me) (Gamebeast23456) Twitter:!/Gamebeast23456

Michael Fox: Twitter:!/MichaelFox00

JJ Twitter:!/Thejourneyman66

TOGNick Twitter:!/TOGNick

(By the way, we're stepping up this podcast very soon. TOGNick is getting a new means of recording the show that doesn't suck, we're going to start organizing better, we're getting a Facebook and a blog. I am excited for next week, where a fantastic episode will be recorded of the Armchair Gamer Podcast. Thanks for listening.)

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